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Extraneous implants

  • Plastic strip

If there are no endogenous implants available, because of repeated cruciate ruptures, a plastic strip (LARS) can be used under circumstances. Various studies have shown over the last few years, that the results of this plastic strip are very different. In case of a wrong placement problems rapidly appear. This is the reason why this method should only be performed by experienced (and trained in this technique) knee surgeons.

An indication for the exception can be either athletes, that underwent several surgeries, which failed, and who then receive the plastic strip inserted as cruciate ligament prosthesis, or elderly people with instable knee joints, who do not possess very good own tendons, but who still want to be active in sports.


  • Allograft (corpse transplant)

These are fondly used in the U.S. and are regularly available there as so-called Fresh-Frozen-transplants.

In Europe they are rarely used, because of the reduced availability and lower stability.