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Arthrosis of the whole joint (Pangonarthrosis)

If all joint parts are already worn off or only parts with lacking or instable ligaments, then a complete replacement of the joint becomes necessary. In case of younger patients the partial replacement of the joint with a ligament replacement at the same time or before can be performed from time to time. 

In case of a complete surface replacement of the knee joint we use two different systems from two different companies.

Both systems have in common, that 3D-images are preoperatively produced – in one case based on MRT (Fa. Biomet), in the other based on CT (Fa. Conformis).

On the basis of these data prostheses are produced custom-fit, adjusted and 3D-templates produced, which intraoperatively guarantee the exact position of the prosthesis. For a better overview installation guides with millimetre precision are delivered as well - because what is a customized prosthesis good for, if it cannot be inserted precisely!


Installation guide for an 
i-Total of Fa. Conformis
Position of the template and balancing
i-Total full prosthesis after installation
i-Total full prosthesis before closing up of the knee
X-rays after
i-Total-installation ( Fa.Conformis)
X-rays after signature-
totalendoprosthesis ( Fa.Biomet)


With templates the particular problem, which most frequently leads to pains and problems after a joint replacement, namely the misplacement of the prosthesis parts, can be avoided.

The templates replace the currently still propagated intraoperative navigation, which prolongs the intervention up to 30 minutes, which increases the risk of infection without a remarkable advantage and which is thus not used regularly at any clinic. 

Both types of prostheses (Signature Fa. Biomet and the i-Total of Fa. Conformis) are so-called Hyperflexprostheses, which innately allow an improved range of motion. This is appreciated particularly by athletes and active seniors.


Extended movement range
of the customized full prosthesis