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Isolated arthrosis of the kneecap joint (femoro patellar joint arthrosis)

  • Joint-preserving surgery

In case of an isolated arthrosis in the femoro patellar joint and a strong, external (lateral) malposition of the kneecap an arthroscopic lateral release with a denervation of the kneecap can take place first of all. If this does not result in an essential relief, a

becomes necessary. Therefore we usually insert an anatomically formed mini-prosthesis (the so-called WAVE®-prosthesis). This is the currently thinnest and meanwhile most stable form of an artificial joint replacement of the kneecap joint via which the anatomy is completely recreated and which not only respects the size of the knee joint, but which especially respects the radii (curvature) of the thigh. The WAVE®-prosthesis was developed by Prof. Dr. Schöttle. Meanwhile this prosthesis is used globally by leading clinics and me as well.

The WAVE®-prosthesis has the advantage, that there is no bone loss. It does not have to be cemented and particularly no supernatant is developed including possible excess pressure pains between kneecap and thigh.

In order to guarantee a safe hold inside the bone the WAVE®-surface-replacement is set onto the screw, which had been screwed into the healthy bone lying underneath. This makes not only a biological healing, but – if necessary – an easy change of the procedure possible, as there is no need to remove bone cement, which often leads to a distinct loss of bony substance, as it is the case with other prostheses.


after fitting a Wave®-Prosthesis