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Isolated arthrosis of the external joint gap (lateral gonarthrosis, Valgus gonarthrosis)

1. Joint-preserving Surgery

    - Distal femoral osteotomy (DFO)


2. Joint replacing Surgery

    - External (lateral) partial joint replacement

Similar to the internal (medial) arthrosis this part of the joint can be coated with a customized surface replacement prosthesis. Again, a specific CT (computer tomogram) is produced in advance (approx. 4 weeks before the surgery). These data serve the Fa. Conformis as a basis for a 3D-reconstruction of the knee joint. Afterwards a custom-fit prosthesis is produced onto this model. 

This is similar to a dentist producing a model of a missing tooth. As soon as the customized production is delivered from Boston, the intervention can be performed. The great advantage of the partial joint replacement is, that the other parts of the joint and the ligaments are not touched.