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Autologous matrix induced chondrocyte stimulation

The AMIC-procedure was published fort he first time in 2005 by P. Behrens.

It shall improve the extension of micro-fracturing to cartilage damages with a diameter of over 2,5 cm.

So, AMIC is based on micro-fracturing.  Due to the application of an additional collagen- or hyaluron membrane on the arising superclot, it is fixated and generally stabilized. Additionally, it improves the filling of the primary defect, which is an important precondition for a good result. Moreover, the application of a collagen structure provides a protected environment in which cells can gain ground, multiply and form repair tissues. The membrane can be attached (fixated) with absorbable pins (picture below) or via glue. This procedure can be performed with arthroscopical or open technique. 



Debridement and nanofracturing
attached collagen membrane (chondro tissue)
before fixation
after fixation



CaReS 1S glued